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For over 100 years, the Dramatists Guild has served as the advocacy organization for dramatic writers in the United States. The Guild functions as an opt-in membership service in lieu of a formal union due to the contract- and license-based business model of dramatic writing.

I worked with the Guild to make the benefits of this membership model more obvious and accessible to Guild members. In collaboration with the Director of Membership & User Experience and the Executive Director of Creative Affairs, I expanded the Guild's visual identity, developed a series of new webpages, and produced a promotional video summarizing member benefits.

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I interviewed staff members and researched the organization's history to determine what core values constituted the Guild's identity. From there, I was able to understand how the Guild wanted to help writers, and I catered the promotional video to continue this dialogue between the organization and its members.

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The webpages and promotional video championed a newly unified visual identity. To develop this identity, I experimented with bringing contemporary design aesthetics into the Guild's mostly gothic branding. The resulting style complements the Guild's typeface, Priori.

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