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5780 High Holy Days

Lab/Shul is a contemporary pop-up synagogue that embraces diversity in identities and beliefs. I worked with the organization while they prepared for their 5780 High Holy Days ceremonies, which encompass the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. While in-office, I designed the High Holy Days marketing and ceremonial materials including newsletters, banner ads, and a 68-page program.

Each year, Lab/Shul works with an artist-in-residence who provides a central artwork that closely ties to the organization's annual theme. Day Schildkret's Morning Altars, which are mandala-esque patterns created from natural items such as leaves or stones, served as the basis for 5780's graphic identity. I worked with and deconstructed Day's art to create an organic visual language spanning across all holiday materials.

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The program served as the unifying centerpiece for the High Holy Days. It contained spiritual inspiration, religious passages, and information on the programmed events and Lab/Shul's future. Following along with the program meant entering and actively participating in Lab/Shul's pop-up community.

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