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I have entirely redesigned my website upwards of ten times since I first launched it, using each redesign as an opportunity to learn more about web design and development. As my career interests evolved, I transitioned away from mainly showcasing music and sound design to instead showcase visual design and branding.

The version of my site featured on this page is the most recent iteration before the live one you are visiting now. At the time, I decided to venture away from using either WordPress or Bootstrap and instead code the entire project from scratch. The granularity of HTML/CSS exposed me to new ways of thinking about my personal brand and the user experience of browsing my site. While I had ventured into coding without a framework like Bootstrap previously, this design was the first time I prioritized the user experience over my own aesthetic preferences.

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The site featured write-ups for each major project I had worked on. I created several landing pages for my fields of discipline (i.e. graphic design, sound design, and composition) with bold, clean imagery to reflect an overarching personal brand.

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