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Wesleyan University unveiled a new logo, website, and associated visual identity in September 2018 to mixed reviews. The negative student response to the rebranding led the university to immediately retire its new monogram and hold a student contest for a replacement.

The university selected me as a finalist for the monogram contest, and I ultimately won by receiving a majority vote from the student body. I based my design on the university's revised shield crest to bring the logo back to its collegiate roots. Wesleyan now uses my design as the official monogram on merchandise and advertising.

Heartbreak County

In addition to creating Wesleyan's monogram logo, I worked as a theater major representative and created a design system to unify communications for the Theater Department. The designs expand on Wesleyan's new visual guidelines and reference Kevin Roche's infamous architecture for the school's Center of the Arts.

Heartbreak CountyHeartbreak County