Wesleyan University
Poster Design

Wesleyan University has a rich relationship with the performing arts and prominently features collaborations between students and faculty. Each academic semester features staples ingrained in the university's culture including the Theater Department's faculty-directed production, the Music Department's Musicircus, and the Center for the Arts' The Mash.

I collaborated with event organizers and directors to create show posters for distribution online and across campus. Through these projects, I had the opportunity to experiment with various design principles and techniques such as typography, photography, illustration, vector art, and more.

MusicircusLife is a DreamThe PillowmanThe Mash

In the Theater Department, senior theses symbolize the student body's adventurous spirit and experimental mindset. I had the pleasure of working with numerous directors and designers on their show posters to capture the central ideas of their theses.

99 Historiesat(tend)No ReplicaHeartbreak County