High Holy Days

I first collaborated with Central by designing the visual identity for their first ever virtual High Holy Days. Drawing on the imagery of the ritual arch as a symbolic metaphor for a portal, the visual language transforms congregants’ homes into sacred spiritual spaces.

High Holy Days
High Holy Days ColorsHigh Holy Days Typography

Sub-brands and Microsites

Sharing Our Stories is Central’s initiative highlighting congregants rather than the synagogue itself. For this project, I developed a visual identity and website that both marketed workshops for congregants as well as housed the projects created in said workshops. The visual identity drew on the theme of conversation, language, and the unique personalities of Central members.

The Neighborhood is another initiative focusing on congregant-centered worship (as opposed to synagogue-centered worship). Members of The Neighborhood receive exclusive virtual benefits meant as supplements to traditional synagogue membership/attendance. As with Sharing Our Stories, I developed the program’s visual identity and marketing website.

Books & Mailings

Joining forces with Central’s development and marketing teams, I designed several print communications that were mailed to congregants and donors in recognition of their financial contributions and continued membership to the synagogue. I built on prior years’ designs to find ways to elevate Central’s visual language and create a more holistic experience across different mailings.

Acts of Loving Kindness recognizes funds and their respective donors for the prior year.

The Yom Kippur Appeal is Central’s largest annual appeal, raising a majority of the synagogue’s funding for the fiscal year.

The Clergy Card is a festive mailing from Central’s lead clergy members to wish congregants a happy new year.

The Memory Book memorializes the congregants or family members who recently passed away.

Acts of Loving Kindness
Memory Book