Paul Schuitema and Matías Duarte

I was assigned the Dutch De Stijl designer Paul Schuitema and chose Google’s Vice President of Design Matías Duarte as the contemporary designer.

After six weeks of drafts and revisions, I produced a 38-page do-si-do accordion with 10”x10” pages. I organized the accordion into two 19-page runs, with each run dedicated to an individual designer’s timeline. Conveniently, Duarte was born the same year Schuitema passed away, thus leading to an unbroken final timeline.

To see a high resolution PDF of the timeline, click here.

Landmark Poster

The first half of the semester involved the development of a separate project. For this project, I was assigned to write and design an essay and a poster about Henry Beck’s 1933 London Underground Map.

From the project description:

“You have been assigned a landmark in the history of design. This idea, invention, project, school, object, or publication marks a turning point that was important to subsequent developments in graphic design and/or design in general. Write an essay (500–750 words) about your subject’s historical importance. This information may be arranged in: one long essay, two parts, or in smaller chunks.”

To see a high resolution PDF of the poster, click here.

Landmark Poster