From Calvino’s Invisible Cities:

“So if I wished to describe Aglaura to you, sticking to what I personally saw and experienced, I should have to tell you that it is a colorless city, without character, planted there at random. But this would not be true, either: at certain hours, in certain places along the street, you see opening before you the hint of something unmistakable, rare, perhaps magnificent; you would like to say what it is, but everything previously said of Aglaura imprisons your words and obliges you to repeat rather than say.”

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From the project description:

“Using a 3D graphics design software program such as Rhinoceros or Fusion 360 create a three dimensional symbol that best represents your city [i.e. Aglaura]. This symbol may or may not follow the structural configuration you’ve chosen for the main city model. You may choose to represent the city as a single architectural structure, a landscape feature, how a single resident, or group, might appear, or a more poetic interpretation of the city’s story.”