Ceremonial Program

Each spread of the ceremonial program focused on reflection, spirituality, and balance. These ideas culminated in spreads that were often symmetrical and reflective, playing off the color, contrast, and layout of their sister page. For the images pictured below, I adjusted my original designs to further emphasize these ideas. In particular, I accentuated differences in scale between typography, photography, and the page.

Lab/Shul Program Table of ContentsLab/Shul Program "Begin Again" SpreadLab/Shul Program "Awe" SpreadLab/Shul Program "Storahtelling" Spread

Original Design

For the original design, I worked primarily in black-and-white and was mainly tasked with integrating a vast collection of texts into the compact program. As with the revised designs above, I dismantled Schildkret’s “Morning Altar” and used its component parts as lively, decorative elements.

Program CoverProgram Inside CoverProgram ScheduleProgram PoemProgram CreditsProgram Back Cover


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Lab/Shul Program "Awe" Spread