2017–18: Wesleyan University

As a sound designer, theater administrator, and theater student at Wesleyan University, I encountered numerous projects in need of posters. Volunteering my then-limited experience in Photoshop and my time, I approached these projects like collages—I stacked images, textures, and text to create new compositions. The resulting work was dark, gritty, and an absolute wash in terms of quality. What you see here is only what is still worth showing.

The Pillowman99 Histories(at)tend

2019: Williamstown Theatre Festival

Williamstown Theatre Festival is a nationally-renowned regional theater company housed in the New York Berkshires. After graduating from Wesleyan, I joined Williamstown’s seasonal staff as Lead Graphic Designer for their 2019 summer season, during which I managed our team through an onslaught of print and marketing projects. On the creative front, I had the opportunity to work with directing apprentices and fellowship recipients to create their show posters. I exercised a geometric vector illustration aesthetic to market these productions and visually unite the shows while exploring their individual themes.

Something Happens for JoeOrlandoTempo


One-off posters are increasingly rare projects in my day-to-day workload. In branding, a poster is usually an embodiment of a company’s visual identity and doesn’t stand alone. My last few posters during this formative period again explored vector illustration, this time delving into minimalistic compositions.

Heartbreak CountyFour Years Later