In Sync, and Out

My first project was an audio piece combining four sine oscillators and four band-limited noise generators in a descending four-note pattern. I mainly focused on how the sounds interacted with each other, creating beat frequencies and complicated phantom sub-rhythms.

I’ve recorded several performances of the project that you can listen to below. Each is a slightly different live tuning of the piece’s parameters.

Project 1 Patch

“She broke up with me on Christmas Eve.”

Exploring Jitter, I looped and distorted a video from Cut discussing break-ups to juxtapose conclusive stories with a never-ending context. The resulting piece plays with resolution, playback speed, and video mixing.

I discovered this patch also produced interesting results when combined with a video from my Discotheque 1 project made in Processing.

Real Human Drama

This piece explores extreme uses of contemporary AI-powered creative tools, specifically GAN-generated portraits using, neural filters for emotions using Photoshop, and music generated in the style of existing musicians using Jukebox.

Project 3 Patch

“Nothing matches the feeling of finding treasure.”

For my final project, I wanted to explore generative typography. Max’s tools unfortunately aren't as sophisticated as those in p5.js, so I opted to embrace the low-tech aesthetic and create a piece reminiscent of WordArt or bowling alley strike animations. Unlike my prior projects, this one is autonomous and proceeds based off a text document.

Final Project Patch