The 24 Hour Plays
Brand Identity and Website

The 24 Hour Plays is a theater company that brings together creative communities to produce plays and musicals written, rehearsed, and performed in 24 hours. I worked in-house with the executive director to modernize the company's visual identity and develop a new website.

Past participants in The 24 Hour Plays include TV, film, and theater stars like Jennifer Aniston, Elijah Wood, and Daveed Diggs whose appearances are captured in a vast pool of energetic production photos. I worked to bring these photos to the forefront of the brand's marketing.

I designed a style guide for a clean-but-raw aesthetic, which uses grunge textures, stark color highlights, and a loud typeface. These elements, along with fast-paced motion design and photographic collages, unify the company's communications across all outlets.

The 24 Hour Plays Billboard
The 24 Hour Plays ColorsThe 24 Hour Plays Typography

For the website, I designed and developed a tile-based layout that features production photos, celebrity quotes, and links to upcoming events. The tiles swap out to showcase celebrities and highlight what's up next for The 24 Hour Plays.