The season's specific programming was very much in flux when we began drafting key art and titles. To start, I explored minimalistic designs featuring a central object and distinct color for each production. At this point in the design process, the team began using a consistent naming scheme for referring to the three planned productions, each featuring the word "Outside" followed by the show's performance location.

Key Art

With the show concepts continuously evolving, we ended up moving away from the object-centric design style in favor of key art that depicted the performance locations.

Season Billboard

Digital Program

In 2020, Williamstown and I explored a new program concept in which I designed and developed a custom website to host show credits. I took this concept a step further in 2021, integrating the show art more directly into the program.

Annual Gala

As with the prior season, I developed the identity for the annual gala that lead up to the show announcements. This year's gala identity played off imagery of spotlights to reference the season's return to live performances.