Hi! Welcome!
My name is Gabriel.

I’m a multidisciplinary graphic designer specializing in work at the intersections of technology and performance.

Rebranding and website for The 24 Hour Plays.
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I’ve helped companies connect with their audiences and grow their brands using web design, animation, and more.

I’ve helped dozens more organizations, including some I co-founded, find their voice and visual identity.

Product Photos
Branding and photography for CleverlyCo.
Posters 2017-2020
Various show posters.
Motion identities for companies and campaigns.
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Zine Page 5
A zine about performance.
History of Graphic Design
A timeline comparing two influential designers.
A sculpture representing the fake city of Aglaura.
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Currently, I’m based in Providence, RI while I’m pursuing my MFA in Graphic Design at RISD.