Discotheques 1+2
p5.js and Processing Applications

Discotheques 1+2 are two generative art applications that I created in p5.js and Processing. Inspired by pointillism, I originally aimed to create an interactive toy that would let users create compositions of complex colors combinations with ease. I explored this idea first in 2D, eventually expanding the concept to a 3D implementation.

At the core of these projects was my desire to juxtapose pointillism's analog foundations with digital technology, specially digital screens. I focused on the aesthetic of broken digital screens in Discotheque 1 and expanded to a more abstract approach to with Discotheque 2.

Discotheque 2 reflects a move to 3D as well as an increased focus on user experience. I developed a menu that allows users to control how objects are randomly generated by setting a range of values for each parameter. Other improvements over Discotheque 1 include the ability to pause motion, export the composition, and change the viewing perspective.

Discotheque 2 MenuDiscotheque 2 Default GenerationDiscotheque 2 ScreenshotDiscotheque 2 ScreenshotDiscotheque 2 ScreenshotDiscotheque 2 ScreenshotDiscotheque 2 Screenshot